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A Competitive Edge

Broaden your knowledge of the golf swing that’s built on true fundamentals and leads to amazing consistency. Become a Stack & Tilt Golf instructor and join a global network of professionals who are passionate about delivering results for their students. We’ve spent years getting the science and physiology right, so you can bring success to any level of golfer - from beginner to competitor.

Improve your business

Stack & Tilt Golf offers a globally-recognized teaching methodology that smart golfers talk about and seek out for real results. The same system that has delivered PGA TOUR wins to professionals can build top-tier credibility for your teaching business. There is a paradigm shift occurring in the golf industry, and you can be part of it.

Join the global network

There are hundreds of Stack & Tilt Golf instructors teaching at golf clubs in the US and internationally. As part of this global community, you’ll be able to network, share knowledge and talk shop with other professionals who are committed to improving the game of golf for their clients using our teachable system.

Advancing through the program

The Stack & Tilt Golf instructor training program offers two stages to progress through.


Instructors new to the Stack & Tilt Golf program will begin their training at the Network level. They will learn the fundamentals of the swing and how to apply them practically to their teaching through an introductory seminar and study of Stack & Tilt Golf materials.

All instructors in the Network are eligible for lesson referrals when students contact us to locate an instructor in their area. Network instructors also receive access to continuing education through in-person seminars and regular updates/additions to the teaching materials crafted by Mike & Andy. They benefit from the support of the Stack & Tilt corporate team and the community of like-minded instructors.


An instructor with a minimum of one year in the program who wants to progress to a more sophisticated understanding of the swing and more business opportunities with Stack & Tilt Golf will enter the Authorized level. Authorized instructors will go through a more specialized program of study and be required to demonstrate a deeper knowledge of how it is applied successfully in their teaching.

In addition to the network benefits, Authorized instructors have the opportunity to co-host golf clinics with Mike, Andy and other Stack & Tilt Golf instructors, and teach students in larger group formats. Over time, as we look to expand the network, Authorized instructors will play a role in training incoming members and serving as a mentor to young recruits.

How To Get Started

1. The path to become a Stack & Tilt Golf instructor includes instruction at regional seminars, the Stack & Tilt Golf training manual and exclusive instructor-only online training materials. Candidates will be required to demonstrate progressive understanding of the system at each stage.

2. The Stack & Tilt Golf instructor training program includes a one day seminar with the highest caliber trainers in the network. For more information about attending future sessions, please email us at

3. Individually, each stage of training in the Stack & Tilt Golf instructor training program requires a $795 registration fee.

  • Basic Elements of the Stack & Tilt Golf Swing

    Weight Forward

    Setting up with more lower body weight forward helps the golfer accomplish two things: 1) make solid contact and hit the ground after the ball and 2) swing the club in-to-out to promote a draw. Not only should the weight be forward at set-up, but the lower body weight should continue to move forward the entire swing to help make contact consistent time after time.

  • Basic Elements of the Stack & Tilt Golf Swing

    Shoulder Down

    The left shoulder going downward in the backswing and not moving inward keeps the golfer's head still. This key move, combined with the weight forward at set-up, helps the golfer hit the ball first. In addition, by keeping the head stable, the club and hands can rotate around the body in a circle.

  • Basic Elements of the Stack & Tilt Golf Swing

    Hands In

    A golfer swings his hands inward in the backswing as opposed to straight back to 1) create power, similar to a field goal kicker moving his leg in an arc and 2) to promote a swing that is in-to-out, which produces a draw (and eliminates a slice).

  • Basic Elements of the Stack & Tilt Golf Swing

    Leg Straight

    The knee flex in the golf swing changes. This is true in the backswing, the downswing and the follow-through. In the backswing, we recommend that the left knee flexes and the right knee straightens, allowing the hips and shoulders to turn more. In the downswing, the knees go back to their original flex. After impact, the left knee straightens.

  • Basic Elements of the Stack & Tilt Golf Swing

    Arms Straight

    Masses of golfers flex their arms too much on the backswing, but more importantly at impact and to the finish. When a golfer keeps his arms straight as the club swings downward to the ball, the radius of the swing is preserved. As soon as the arms bend or flex near impact, ball contact becomes inconsistent. In addition, straight arms help prevent a golfer from swinging too far across the ball, which can contribute to a slice. Having a clear understanding of when the left arm bends is instrumental in developing consistent contact and ball speed and full extension of the arms is a primary factor in enabling the golfer to swing out to the ball to create a draw.