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Stack & Tilt® Golf offers you the proven system of golf instruction that is easy to learn and grows with you as you improve. It is a system that delivers fast results and is based on the same fundamentals that PGA TOUR and LPGA TOUR players use to increase their rankings, grow their earnings and win tournaments — and it's applicable at any level of the game. Stack & Tilt Golf helps you play better, play more consistently and enjoy the game more.

Understanding our Fundamentals

Stack & Tilt Golf's system emphasizes three core fundamentals:

1. CONTROL - hit the ground in the same place after the ball every time.
2. POWER - generate the power needed to play the course.
3. SHOT DIRECTION - control the curve of your shot every time.

Once you understand how these fundamentals serve as the foundation of our swing system and how you can apply them to your unique game, you'll hit your golf ball farther, straighter and more consistently.

The Science of the Swing

Stack & Tilt Golf is built upon a body of research spanning 25 years of golf swing analysis that started with Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer’s quest for consistent improvement in their own games. Their passion to discover what truly delivers success in the game of golf has grown into a global network of instructors armed with new technologies, working together to break down complex data and biomechanics into simple, teachable concepts.

They focus on the areas of your swing that will deliver tangible results quickly so you’ll spend more of your game enjoying the experience, and less time searching for balls that got lost in the rough.

Private Golf Lessons with Andy & Mike

Individual and group lessons with Andy & Mike in Palm City, Miami or other venues around the world based on availability. Contact us for scheduling Submit Request

Want to learn? Find a Stack & Tilt Golf instructor near you.

Our elite instructors from around the world have been personally trained by Mike and Andy. Their skills and passion for what we teach is unparalleled and consistent with the methodology that we have pioneered. Use the Instructor Locator to find an instructor near you and keep checking back as we are actively training more instructors every day!

  • I struggled for years, before Mike Bennett taught me proper swing fundamentals. Now I’m a longer, more accurate ball striker, having more fun with my game. Stack and Tilt explains how a golf ball should be struck.

    – Mike Reilly

  • The Stack and Tilt book is a great guide to the swing. I saw dramatic improvements using it, hitting the ball solidly for straighter shots. I’ll be rereading the book every off-season as I fine tune my game.

    – Michael J.

  • I took a lesson with a terrific Stack and Tilt instructor, and he simplified the swing for me with a few pieces of information clearly communicated, verbally and physically. I’d rate him five out of five.

    – Steve Frink