A game-changer in the world of golf instruction

Origins of the System

The Stack & Tilt® Golf system is the result of our quest to offer consistent improvement in our students' golf games. Thus, the approach to the golf swing needed to be in a systematic manner. Utilizing techniques laid out by noted golf teacher Mac O’Grady, and in Homer Kelley’s classic book The Golfing Machine, Stack & Tilt Golf was able to systemize learning into a series of workable challenges.

The impact that our system had on the play of PGA TOUR professionals like Tom Scherrer and Grant Waite brought our teaching to the attention of other golf pros, leading to some of our other students (Aaron Baddeley, Dean Wilson, Eric Axley, and Will Mackenzie) accomplishing first-time wins on the PGA TOUR.

What followed was a Golf Digest profile highlighting the work that took place with Aaron Baddeley. This article attracted countless golfers looking for a reliable method for improving their game. Since 2005, Stack & Tilt Golf's students have reported over $50 million in PGA TOUR earnings. and the system remains one of the most discussed game-changers in the world of golf instruction.

Our system has been profiled in publications like Golf World and Sports Illustrated, and on syndicated talk shows like The Charlie Rose Show. A best-selling book, The Stack and Tilt Swing, and two DVDs, the latest of which, Stack & Tilt 2.0 Understanding the Numbers, further refines the system using sophisticated bio-mechanics have garnered huge success. Having worked worked with ten different PGA tour winners, Stack & Tilt Golf prides itself on its ability to improve the games of players of all levels with a system that is understandable and accessible to all.